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40 Days of Community Groups

A key component of the 40 Days of Community is being part of a small group. These groups are really the heart of the whole emphasis, where the true sense of community can be experienced. In the group you’ll get devotional to use daily, watch a short video teaching segment, and discuss the ideas. But more than that you will build relationships, find encouragement and fellowship, pray together, laugh together and grow together. Below is a list of the days and times of groups we have scheduled.
10:30 am – Breezeway Classroom -Led by Pastor Chares
6:00 pm – Breezeway Classroom – Led by Pastor Charles
6:00 pm – Office meeting room (childcare provided) – Led by Bryan & Ashley Arabal
9:00 am – Fellowship Hall (ladies group) – Led by Billie Jimenez
6:00 pm – Fellowship Hall (ladies group) – Led by Lynn Weaver
6:30 pm – Breezeway Classroom (men’s group) – Led by TBD