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Men’s Bible Study – Thursdays at 6:30 pm

Victory in Spiritual Warfare

Surrounding us is a spiritual war… angels vs. demons… good vs. evil… light vs. darkness. But amazingly, most believers live as if this conflict were not even happening, as if the “battle of the ages” was just a fantasy or sci-fi story. Yet not one of us is immune to the consequences of spiritual warfare. Although the players fight in an invisible realm, we all face the effects — pain, struggle, defeat, heartache — of their conflict every day of our lives. Your victory in spiritual warfare must rest on the reality that God has given you everything that you need to live in light of the truth of His victory in order to experience and become all that God has created you to be. You are going to have to put on the Armor of God yourself – everyday – in order to experience the victory that is yours.

Ladies Bible Study – Thursday at 6 pm

Living Love When We Disagree

Melissa Spoelstra’s six-week Bible Study for women, Living Love When We Disagree, delves into the apostle Paul’s letter to the Corinthians in search of answers on how to get along with one another. You’ll discover that the only way to deal with disagreements, differences, and divisions is by living out the radical love of Jesus Christ. You can find peace and harmony when you disagree.

Ladies Bible Study – Thursday at 9 am